The Man Who Dribbled the Air out of the Ball

So, I love to play video games.  In particular, my favorite game is FIFA 17.  For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it a soccer video game.  Anyways, me and my friends frequently play the game together, typically 2 v 2.  It is usually not very competitive because my team wins an outrageous 90% of the time. One of the guys that usually plays on my team is named Taylor but sometimes goes by the name LeTay, the Leman, or Taymooski.  Taylor is easily the worst player of the four of us (thus why he is usually on my team).   Taylor is notorious for dribbling in an excessive manner.  He doesn’t have good field vision, can’t make accurate passes, and is just an overall liability.   He has a real problem of just putting his head down and dribbling the ball so much so that the ball sometimes will literally run out of air and have to be replaced.  Taylor needs to watch Alex play to really elevate his FIFA game